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Angry Brain Artworks
Angry Brain Artworks is a place to keep up with James Burton or get a hold of Damage Inc. Merchandise! His major projects currently include Damage Inc. from Scattered comics, The enchanted ballads of Nod (Currently under development.), His work on KODT covers, and past projects like the Award winning Inheritance.
Shadow Damage Part II
It is the return to normal programming and the trash fight of the Sahdow Damage Story line. Here Jason Dube lends me his Shadow hunters and we tear apart the Sacramento Club scene,,,
Contact James
"You found the Angry Brain Artworks homepage. Thank you for taking the time to get here, and thank you for taking the time to read this. I want you to know, if you contact me with questins etc. I will answer to my best ability. I love being a part of my wok, and I love encouraging others!" 
~ James Burton