What a year, trouble in so many different places in the world, in the home. It jsut was not the kind of year I had hoped it to be. However in perspective I now sit on a body of work that will be updating siwthin weeks of this post. This year I will hold in my had a hard copy of a cmoic I made, and as successful as it is good or bad I will have done somehting taht I have dreamed of since I was five years old. Makes me wonder what the hell was wrong with me to stop trying before....

Ah who cares why I was dumb enough to stop, or why my life tought me to worry about others in stupid ways?

I love inking the book, seeing it come more to life inch by inch moment by moment. Its exciting and fullfilling in so many ways. It makes me pity someone who has not found what they believe to be their calling, or given up searching. I have loved this for 3 decades simce the first time my dad asked me to draw a naked lady for him on a chalkboard.

It is in my nature to feel anger and right now I think about the last year is mixed. I got to take my kids to DisneyLand, one of the only places I can remember being happy as a kid. It was great, but felt like my dad's ghost was with me the whole time, Funny how the more amazing somehting is the more I feel like its a weight some times. There is plenty of happiness left out there. Theres millions of things to be grateful for, and so many to ignore the raging hatered that the weight of our past can bring. How blind are the idiots that waste their powers and time hurting other people? How ignorant are they?