I have Arcane failure. I admit it, my dwarven blood has stricken me over the years in so many ways. From my inability to work a most basic wireless network to the fact that I have gone through more than 12 carbeurators on my VW. My arcane failure found my Manga studio and made it crash when it came back up it had reformatted my story profile and reorientated my pages in some very odd ways, ways that I cannot repair. I know what you are saying. "James you are intelligent enough to have a back up arent you? We want to see the Damage Inc comic tells us you had a back up you are 80% done with the first issue!"

The good part is you are right I did, the bad part is that my amazing tablet in its gloriousness enabled me over the last three weeks to pump out pages and pages of inks, and I in my rish to create forgot to do an update since page 5, so I will be doing a plethora of cutting and pasting like a beast.

Damn Arcane Failure...

Yours Truly

The Angry Dwarf