I was a kid with epic levels of imagination. It was a necessity as a result of my total inability to socialize on the level of my peers. Instead I wallowed in frustration at the universe and invented worlds where justice was more than just political lip service. For me the real world has always been an unfair parody of what it was meant to be. Bullies, cheaters, and evil doers were more numerous than the light of heroes.So I would make my own.

I met Matt when I was 13 and beginning high school. He was to me a socially adept kid that was a mystery. What made less sense to me was that he taled to me without the social stigmatas I was used to. He came to school with something I had heard of but never seen. A role playing game. For the first time inmy life I reached out to some one instead of hiding in my mind in the hopes that I could join in his.

We played every weekend, and day during the following summer. I found something that let me sharemy worlds, hide when I wanted, and learn what friends were meant to be.

I am in a contest at the DnD facebook page. If it goes well my work will be in the reprint of slavers. Come vote.



Game Master and Dream walker

Anger and hunger driven beast of the catacombs

Anger and hunger driven beast of the catacombs