Today a rather awesome email came into my little inbox. It was from DnD. I miss calling them TSR. The message though is important to me. Not because it was the sweet promises of an African prince, but because I was one of multiple winners of an art contest where myself and many others were foolish enough to give away the rights of our work to see the legendary fabric that wove our youth into realms of the fantastic joined with our efforts.

My work is going to friggin be in a DnD book!

One more stepping stone down a long path I turned away from so long ago, lost in youthful frustration and miss spent efforts to save some one who didn't want to be saved. It was my choice though right or wrong, and now its a step on a ladder.

I would still love to hear from Naiobi that African prince who promised me 3 million in cash to help him with my social security though.... Poor guy though loosing his kingdom and all. I know how he feels.