I met James Schumacher through Craigslist... Man if that isn't the beginning of a bad story involving an ice bath, missing kidneys and crying in the shower. Any who, he and a guy called Michael Sweeney brought me in to storyboard a very good zombie script. It was something special to me. I had just decided to resurrect myself beyond my rediculous day job, and wishes of artistic glories. It was a hoot and gave me tons of great practice storytelling. We have worked on several things since then. Our latest is a dystopian/orwellian thing.

Storyboards storyboards everywhere but not a drop to... ok that doesn't work. Not everything does. I am only 3 pages from finishing Damage inc issue 1, but I have to break for a bit. This is one of the best scripts that Schu has written, at least for me. It has elements I like, things I relate well to, so we shall see how it goes. Schumacher is the kind of writer and film guy that insists on no talkie talkie during the project. I will update once I can share. I will even make a place for the boards here.