It is amazing how important something can turn out to be. Family and friends for instance. I have been fortunate, the friends I have are like family. My ass has been saved several times, saved my family, and my sanity. Friends like that are things from stories, and it is my experience there are more people than not who seem to never have the priviledge. One friend, (Mike Oliver from who has despite his own personal emergency introduced me to Jolly Blackburn. He is the amazing guy who started and runs KODT. You can find their site at They make Hackmaster, kingdoms of Kalamar, and Knights of the dinner table. If you are a gamer worth your salt you will find this long running master piece hilarious, and absolutely thank me for recommending it. He saw the wisdom in hiring me as a spot illustrator!

I am grateful for many things in my life. The countless hours at the table with my brothers is among the highest in regard. I will publish the first of my KODT images when it publishes, but stay tuned. I have been asked to do a cover, and I am friggin excited man.

Yours truly,

Angrilicious Dwarficus