I am sore, sore because last night Cuda ran me through the ringer a bit. I practice Kung fu at this awesome school Free Flow in Roseville Ca. http://www.freeflowacademy.com/ It teaches everything from acting to preschool, parkour, aikido MMA, and Kung Fu. One of my oldest friends is Lon Beyer. He is one of the owners, and one of the great instructors. Every Thursday night he and I work on technique after warming up. Every time I think I am getting better and comfortable he finds some flipping way to take it a notch, and show me my weak points with a well aimed bruise. Right now My foot feels like a small bucket of hot coals was poured on to it from his shin being faster than my leg, and I could not be happier about it.

When I was a kid my dad wanted me in sports, He was a jock as a kid loving baseball to a huge degree. In all honesty I had no idea. My whole life I had no idea because he never once in my life forced anything like that on me. His kid was a nerd, and he found a way to be okay with it. That changed my sophomore year of high school, because I found a sport I not only enjoyed but was good at. I found martial arts. I am not a grappler, this was before the waves of UFC fighting that has changed the scene rather dramatically. My friends were in this little Tae Kwan Do place, and I followed them in. We had these great teachers though who heavily believed in sparring as hard as you could as often as you could, so despite the obvious weakness of tae kwon do I got in a lot of fight time. Combine this with the years of street fighting my dad had decided was necessary to toughen up his nerd boy, and I was a very considerable opponent there. That part was great, finding something besides drawing I was good at was great. The best part though was seeing how proud my dad was, he would come watch me fight, and loved it.

He can not watch me fight any more, he can not cheer me on. I went back to martial arts because I decided to find a way to get healthy so I am around for my kids. Selfishly I would like to see them grow to adults. 2 years ago I could barely do 5 push ups, my strength being robbed long ago by the chemo and lymphoma, I am back to doing more than a hundred in a day. I can do a hand stand push up! I am no small boy so I find this shocking and surprising.

Every time I get my but handed to me I learn something. My dad used to tell me "I am glad you keep winning son, but you learn a lot more from loosing a fight than winning one."

Life is no different, I submit to paying illustration jobs and do not get them, I go hone my craft, and submit again. I do my best as a father but when I crack and make an ass of myself I consider what happened and look for ways to avoid it later on. Bankruptcy, cancer, being a good husband etc. It is all the same.  Dad may have said those words but I do not think he understood them.

Then again....how many of us do?