Kender is getting married.... I have never been so happy for one of the men I call a brother getting married. I do not say that because when a buddy gets married responsibility weighs them down... I never saw it that way. I say that because Kender, this imp of chaotic hairband singing fun has been a lonely cat most of the time I have known him.

Kender is this spirit of a guy who makes me smile when I am hanging out with him, cause I can let my silliness out too. I am usually too busy being everyone's big brother but with him its a bit different. Al though sometimes I do fall into big brother mode... that's just natural. Kender has had a unique way of making me crack a smile when I am swimming in the sewage of humanity. He makes the Angry one giggle. I have seen him trip and fall on his keester in the middle of the most awkward attempt to ambush our brother Wayne, I lost 88 war-hammer battles to him in a row,  the ogre slayer extraordinaire, and he is the wielder of the Blade of Syn, the Mace of Odin, and the hoopak.

He met Robin from a long shore away. He was here and began some type of writing on the internet to her while playing games etc.. Honestly I do not really know that story too well. What I can tell you is that Robin lifts his spirits. She has lifted them up and given him courage in ways I was not so sure that any person could do for him. He believes more in himself now because she believes in him. Its a good thing, and I can see it in their eyes when they are around each other.

Years ago I was at a point that every one gets. I had a broken heart, all be it a pathetic childish puppy love broken heart. That year it was to mend in many ways, but before anything could happen I had to wake up from the self induced pain of puppy love. The desperate whiny empty hollow idiotic pain of wanting. All my life I could see what I wanted to see when I wanted to. I could be anywhere and there really was no limits. My mind would wander about and I would find scenes of beauty, glory, and darkness..... At that time I could see nothing past my own childish pain... It was Kender who woke me up. He appeared form Auburn like he did so often then. With him he brought hundreds of models in these erratic cardboard boxes. We sorted them, created list after list of armies, and then commenced a fictional battle in our heads and on paper. It was the longest game i was ever in....something like 12 hours. I also lost spectacularly. in fact at one point he lined up my men in a forced march and I watched as he rolled dice one at a time to execute them. Does not sound fun like that. In fact most of anyone reading this thinks I am a nut job, but it was what I needed. Apathy and angst vs interaction with a brother... Kender played so long that it broke through my idiocy. I could see again.

I am not sure if he knew what he was doing, if he had recognized his friend needed him, but he has a knack for calling me at the right moments, and being there with his ear and his surprising wisdom.

That story is to make anyone reading this conceive that he is important to me and why. It is also meant to allow everyone to understand why my opinion of Robin is also so esteemed..... together they are happy. So many people do not have that, and in this case a good friend, a brother despite his faults has ebbed through my life in a positive way has found that.

May each year bring happier tidings than the first.