I live so close to my day job that there are occasions when the kids are off school where my wife brings them to me and we have lunch. Its a family time thing and I rather enjoy it. Despite my four year old's needs to find anything to do other than eat that is. The other day we were on such a lunch excursion and eating a bit of fried rice and delicious salted pork and once we were done son wrangling and found time to open our fortune cookies I was taken back by how my daughter reacted. "You should be honest and express yourself at all times you will be happier." The cookie spouted its wisdom.

"There's no way I can do that I'd have to reveal my crushes" She said and giggled.

I know a good parent prepares their children to no longer need them. I know its my job to be an example that teaches her to raise her expectations and learn how she should be treated.

Still just a tiny piece of me died... Part of me wants her to be 4years old and in pigtails forever.