It's no secret that most creative minds operate in unconventional manners. It's also no shocker that those same creative minds find themselves as outsiders, outcasts or worse in some situations.  Speaking as someone of a creative nature. I can attest to it.

But today I want to talk about something else. I want to talk about what happens when an artist gets to live in an artistic environment. The summer of my 14th year was no less than amazing. I had applied at the behest of my high school art instructor to participate in the CSSA program. That is a summer program where a promising artistic student is able to participate in a CAL Arts Summer semester. I got things together and was given much-needed financial assistance. I was accepted which was a very good feeling. Nothing though could have prepared me for what was going to happen at the school.

It was not my first time away from my family. I had been able to participate in other things and have a week with another family or a week at a Camp like Sly Park a more traditional camp. This was so different. instead of being what felt like trapped with people I could not understand. (For example I did not understand or wish to participate in panty raiding another cabin at 2 am. Nor did I enjoy watching the members of the cabin gang up and other also nerdy children.) Those experiences actually made me feel farther removed from society and not closer. Cal Arts though, with walls covered in student works. Acres of artists dancing and singing for music practice on the grounds, or huge art exhibit halls and even what we referred to as the Animators dungeon. (My stomping grounds.) The school was amazing...

Now I still had a bit of trouble getting along. The artistic world I was in did not alleviate my own personal inability to relax that came from my family being the way it was, but All day every day for a summer I was swimming in supportive constructive Creative implementation of practice and execution. I learned from other artists, I got to see for the first time what I could do unabated. My only limitation was my ability to relax and focus.

Describing it as freeing would be an understatement.

I have good friends and family in my life. People I call brothers who absolutely support me, but it's not the same thing.

Last night I got to get onto the Web Comics Alliance Weekly workout. I have been trying to participate in more work groups with the SCCG but before I could contribute there were scheduling issues. This Google hang out was very much what I wanted. I could hear and talk with someone who had similar goals and skill sets. It was a good sense of camaraderie that I have only felt at CAL Arts or When i step up to a gaming table, but instead of the usual penis measurement it was just a "Hey how are you, whatcha working on?" I want to thank everyone at the alliance. This hang out is a great idea, and it is appreciated.