So its been quiet, no Damage postings and only a smattering of sketches to grace the hallowed pages of my website. I've been quiet since March or so.... maybe just after. The reason why is that I have been fortunate. Schumacher and I worked out a deal with Outpouring comics, and signed a deal for Inheritance. The horror book, based on some very scary things from the past coming to haunt and hunt 2 different generations of the Christensen family.


Its going to be the most aggressive schedule I have ever managed, and so far I am very proud with what it is shaping into. I may be posting my warm up sketches for a bit only as I deal with the work load that I am rising to.

After that I have some big plans for Damage and Nod, so stay tuned. There is more to come ladies and gentle beans.


Overwhelmingly yours

James Burton