So Camille found out Supergirl was on the air and very excitingly so asked if I would watch it with her. Now currently I am rather eyeballs deep in Inheritance. Finding time to spend with my children and be a husband come at a trade off and a premium, it can be overwhelming....

So my wonderful little porcupine comes to her dad and says "Daddy, I want to watch Supergirl with you." "Okay Darlin sit next to me while I work here."


We begin watching, now she came in a bit late I had seen the first few episodes all ready. So we were watching #Reactron fighting #Supergirl. I will say this the show is well casted but the flavor is off for me a hair, I'm just now beginning to see why and I am hoping the show pulls itself out of it a bit. My little girl is 8, going on 30. Every time I blink she bounces into another milestone. Everytime I turn my head time passes to quickly as she becomes her own person. As a parent this fact is terrifying from the POV of your own mortality to the realization of the limited time she is a part of my life, before I become a only a part of hers.

She says to me half through the episode "Daddy why does she need so much help? Shes as strong as Superman why does she mess up so much?" "Well my love shes new at this and trying to figure that out."

"But Daddy, shes told all these other people her identity." She has seen a lot of other heroes, its a passion of mine. Shes also been really excited for super heroes lately more so than in a long time. "Daddy Superman just saved her?"

"Yeah, Darlin this story is about her trying to figure some things out about herself, for some people it takes a while for them to find the strength inside of them."

"Its not right though, if shes as strong as he is why would she need to be saved?"

Now heroes the thing, im not a SJW, in fact I find the extreme version of that to be rather unsettling and frustrating. I want a lot of things for the world, I want peace I want families to be able to be happy, and in all honesty I want people to have Heroes. I want children to have heroes.

There are so few left....... We end up making them up, creating myths to aspire to, to find hope.

But when an 8 year old girl sees that the heroin she wants to find hope in is demeaned immediately in the first few episodes repeatedly by being a ditzy bully victim, by needing 2 male sidekicks to guide her, and to be saved by her cousin the uber bad ass of the universe, I would suggest something is off. This show is insanely heavy handed with the girl power message. Its also trying to link younger girls like Spiderman does to my inner nerd. I get what they are trying for, but even though the character keeps saying that she is her own story she still doesn't have a voice.

Heroins can be found, but in all honesty they have to be sought out. Its absolutely important for parents to be that foundation. For family to show their children the examples of humanity that builds people into heroes. Camille's mother is a strong woman who is empathetic, affectionate, and hard working. She has aunts a  plenty from published poets, survivors, business managers, and even freaking Ninjas. So she has a few heroes to look to.

"My darlin there are all kinds of stories. Supergirl is just as strong as Superman, but shes got to figure that out. You are going to find out in your life that there are times when you have a heated strength boiling inside of you,  but its not on the surface yet. You'll have to figure out plenty to unlock that strength. All of us have to figure it out, and in all honesty most of us had someone save our butts a few times. In my case sometimes it was your Grandfather, some times it was your Papa or one of your uncles. Each of us no matter how bad ass we get to become get sucker punched and need someone with a cape to help them get up, and each of us get to put the cape on for someone else. We learn a lot from loosing fights, and all of our stories are going to be filled with those lessons"


All of that being said well and good, I hope Supergirls gets a bit more bad ass, I'd like Camille to get to see a Heroin shes interested in with the confidence I want her to find. The more examples in her life the better.


Ah screw it I'm making her bad ass in Ballad of Nod anyway, she gets to be her own hero.

My supergirl