So Inheritance is progressing, not that I can share the bad ass artwork here yet. Well maybe a little sketch shot...  Anywho. the book as a toe to it that I love, it feels like a complete story in ways I have not done before. It has depth. The depth is a challenge greater than my previous works and everyday I am chipping away at it.

Part of me is so angry it's not going faster, part of me wants to dwell and fiend on the fire. That part of me feeds my temper and the other day I was getting so wound up that when my sexy wife called me to ask how the day job was doing I told her I was getting angsty. I was down right going into full on Angry Dwarf mode.

"James stop it. This is your dream. You have been building to this since you were four years old, you talk about little else. very few people get to say that. If you need more time on the book we will figure something out."

"There is nothing we can figure out..."Said in my teen angsty moody voice.

"Were a family. The kids and I want this for you. We have your back we will figure something out."



"Okay then... I am just gonna go put on my big boy pants and go back to work now."

Look doing something you truly love isn't easy. If it was the term wage slave wouldn't exist, and neither would corporations. Freeing yourself from your past, from your baggage, and most of all from your mustnts is a dredge filled with combat like a WWI foxhole. It makes it easier when you have other bad asses fighting with you.

Lesson for today ladies and gentlemen, talk about it if you are winding up. Life can be a fight now and again but you don't have to dwell and fight alone all the time. The way I grew up never taught me that. It taught me to rely on myself, to trust nothing from anyone, and to be prepared for horrible fights ending in regret and failure.

F#$% that....

Persistently yours...

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