I have an old picture of my dad and I. I am about three years old we are holding up a sign that says Carmichael import autobody. It was my fathers attempt in his younger years to start a business. I have very little memories of it but I know form Family lore it burned down when times were tough because of my mother... Different story. He tried years later to start a different business and he was actually brilliant at both. His struggles were in crossing the line to full blown professionalism with the challenges of maintaining his family. When I say challenges I would point out both failures were precedent ed by epic bad decisions of my mother.

But I'm not here to talk about his failure, I'm hear to talk about a couple of other things. Both times he did this he brought me along. I spent three summers with him working on houses restoring them. He taught me a lot about work ethic during that time, working with your brains, and doing a good job. I also remember watching him so proud when he was done with each house. It was the most confident I had ever seen. He had good friends with him on the job, worked alone when necessary. He did the job, I love remembering him that way.

At a recent signing event at #A1comics I took Camille with me. She spent the day with me coloring sketch cards asking questions, meeting fans. Some people bought the cards she colored for example there was a great four card set of TMNT and a NY skyline, she working on it, and I gave her the money we made form the cards at the end of the signing. She is now the proud owner of Sushi time. The signing wasn't very high traffic but as far as for her she loved it. This last week after Sac con she wanted to know when there would be another event where she got to table with me again. I can't wait for her to work that with me. She also wants me to get her a tablet so she can color my books for me. It made me a proud daddy hearing that. Not because she wanted to color, that is bad ass, but just because she wants to be involved in my life. I am so grateful for this.

How many times in our lives do we set time for our loved ones on the back seat? Its so amazingly easy to take them for granted. One day there is going to be this insanely aloof 17 year old Camille that is going to want to go hang with friends instead of with Dad at a con. Every time I can take her or James with me I am going to do so, especially if they want to be a part of it. This is part of building a legacy. The more I can involve my family the better. I can not wait to find myself in the bigger venues, and see my kids help me (in a productive sense. my first con I had some crying babies, and had to make changes so that would not happen again.)  Camille and James both love the cons, to James its the worlds largest/coolest toy store, and to Camille she absolutely loves the cosplayers and being with dad at the table. All I can think of is how awesome they both are and the amazing sensation that I am feeling now. My wife sacrifices so I can do this, she believes in me and you can see that in my kids' eyes. My wife and kids are a blessing and they put up with a lot so I can do this. Knowing they believe in this makes me whole in a way I can only hope my dad had felt a bit.


Basking in the glory of being a dad.