Recently I was given the opportunity by Without your head. These guys have a top notch Horror based radio Cast, that I have found entertaining since James Schumacher III was on there. My Co-Creator on Inheritance was there to speak about all of the paranormal and supernatural roots on the show. My interview went a bit differently. First of all Annabelle Lector and Neal Jones are pretty awesome. They are also gamer, my kind of gamers to be specific, Annabelle name dropped freaking Ninjas and Superspies and Rifts. Its been a long time since I met someone with bonified Palladium books knowledge, and it was refreshing.

During the Broadcast we got to discuss some very personal things about Inheritance. We reviewed how the book has affected my family and myself as a survivor, and got to get into the who how and why we bring so much of our experience into the book. It was as always a lifting experience to talk about it. In a lot of ways its like a therapy session, each time we speak about the trauma a healing of sorts takes place  filling the open wounds from the past.

The broadcast was a blast anyone following Knights of the Dinner TableFate the RPGDamage Inc., and Inheritance is going to get a lot out of it. So come and get your horror Nerd on and rock your week with a bad ass PODCAST.