Okay so lets talk the bad assness that is Sac Anime. I will let you know a bit of fun facts about our trip into Sac Anime. First of all, it was my first trip into Sac Anime as a an artist in the Alley. I'm a long time Anime fan if I were to speak Id show my age, my love is for Tank Police and Akira. You can see it when I draw action I love drawing fights etc. When we arrived at Sac Anime I was a bit concerned how we were going to do in this new setting. Anime has a ton of Horror fans in it and Action fans, but I had never considered how or if I would infuse my fandom into this. In this capacity that Friday as I rushed into position I was concerned, and m worry I think drew on as the afternoon went. We were a last-minute addition and no one knew Angry brain Artworks was rocking a table at the Sac convention center. This unease didn't last for ever though.

Schu and I were both in a funk Saturday morning, very little movement had happened at our table and our mood was quickly souring. At lunch time we both took a turn leaving the table for a bit, and I gotta say when we returned, it was a different experience. That afternoon we were hit with a wave of fans, someone who had spoken to use called Fox40 and a reported came out to see us to talk about the angle of the Oncology and family related parts of the comic. Fandom here came to see us and we had a great interview regarding it. Before the afternoon was over were were left with only two inheritance books and maybe five or six Damage. It was the wildest most validating afternoon I can describe. It felt like the whole con was about us for a brief moment, and our heads were lifted.

On Sunday with so few comics left to sell, we got a chance to talk to other people at the con and enjoy ourselves. Our spirits were so lifted that we met some great people like Robin, and hung out with the guys from Scattered comics. Jason Dube is the owner and a great supporter of all things indie in the area. This day turned into a certain momentum for us, it verified that the Sac con trip in October was not a fluke, we sold out for the third time and people knew of us a few times before they got to the booth. We have been building off of it ever since, and really appreciate all of the help from the great people who helped us get there like Fandom.

Sooooo go check out the You tube link for Fandom featuring Schumacher and I , embrace your fandom, hell go create and become more then just a fan.


I am going to go watch me some Tank police now, but that's a post for another time.