Anyone who knows me has heard the term you can not create Epic on purpose. I firmly believe that. When for example Tolkien set out to write The Hobbit I seriously doubt he understood he was about to create a genre affecting millions of nerds for generations. I doubt he ever coined the term literary game changer etc. My last explorative editorial on this page was about knowing the value of yourself. I still believe that is extremely important, but today I am talking about the battle between Humanity and Ego. I am very much of the opinion that all things should be tempered by our ability to be humane. That includes even your own value. Understanding my brand and the push to grow it is important to me. I sleep very little and work very hard daily on Inheritance as a result. However you are not going to find me using the momentum to push other people out of something for my sake. Kira for example is co writing The Ballad of Nod script at the moment. We entered into that together, and it will be a Burton squared thing.

The idea in my opinion when ever you are trying to build something is not to build the greatest thing ever. Each persons POV is so subjective it's nearly impossible to plan to be the greatest thing ever. Batman Vs Superman is a good example in my opinion. The marketing and the fever pitch behind it was planning on Snyder's world being the greatest fan supported thing ever, when what needed to be focused on was the story. Deadpool was done exceptionally well with a far more limited budget. With the tighter monetary constraints they had no choice but to focus on the story. That struggle and finding the best voice they could for the source material made the movie epic organically. It is not epic because it was made to be that way, it is epic because the fans decided it would be.

This goes back to humility. Someone dear to me rang my bell slightly this morning. With some of the recent Inheritance progress they saw a posting of mine and want to remind me of the strength that is found in humility. It is the strength of being true to yourself and others, a strength built on faith from the viewers to the creators.

Right now we are building the Inheritance experience based on Schu and I focusing our toolsets on building the best story we can, and it is work. It is a labor of love, and faith in ourselves. Every-time someone likes our pages, buys one of the lovingly created books, listens to us on a podcast etc, those fans are saying "This is worth something, We like this. We want more." Our world is changing. Each one of these are letting us know we have  a value, and it's really important to know this. In the past I struggled at times with believing I could pull it off or attract an audience without some type of "Magic Wand". Well that wand was made of perseverance.

Artist Alley is an amazing place, but I see its flaws, and I see what it could be. There are artists there who think people will coldly come to them without being a part of the experience. Some of it its a misplaced sense of ego. For example I have never seen a single issue floppy from an unknown worth a $15.99 asking price. For others the head down non engaging behavior is a misplaced fear reinforced when people don't flood the table.  Both are examples of the wrong direction. I am there to expand what I am doing, this is true, but its more than just that. I am there because I am a fan too. I love comics, I love art, and storytelling. its such a core part of me that I am trying to focus on it every spare moment I have and turn it into what I do every day. That love goes into the table, it goes into how I talk to people who pass by. I am there to share the experience with them. My head is up and I am talking. All of us in the Alley are in the same place that all the legends began. At the beginning. They were there and I guarantee that they didn't have their heads down. I have made so many new friends there, and I have learned that the work I am doing is helping people.

So remember this on the dark and stormy nights. Be a rock-star, know you are a bad ass, but remember you are human. We have a responsibility to treat others with respect. Stand and proclaim the glory of the work you are doing, and share that with everyone because somewhere someone needs to find a reason to follow their own dream.

I will be at Kens comics on may 7th celebrating FCBD. I will also be at Sac Anime gives back on may 15th. Both times I am there to share and enjoy my love of comics, and my love of the alley. Come celebrate with me, and keep your head up.


For some tools on the Artist Alley circuit:

I love Webcomic alliance they have taught me a ton. Follow their convention link. Oh and keep your head up and talk to people. Inheritance sells out because the art work is bad ass, but people come to the table to look at it because my head is up, and it looks professional.