Last night I was talking to an old friend. We speak on occasion. They are going through a rough patch recently an upheaval has cost them their job. This person is one I have always thought had integrity and I was troubled to hear of their situation. When everything cracked for me I felt similar to how she is feeling now. All of us will get our turn surviving. It's nearly as universal as death and taxes. However I want to talk about what those moments can be. Growing up I was shown that they were fights, knock down drag out fights where you sacrifice to survive, well the problem with that is how many of them can you live through if you keep sacrificing over and over. Eventually there just isn't that much of you left.

What if instead, those are opportunities, chances to try something else. A chance to be honest with yourself about your true priorities. Honest enough to admit how miserable you were despite being well paid. Honest enough to confront what you really want and begin making sacrifices that you can build on instead of selling yourself to the highest bidder over and over again.

Think about that for a moment, what is your dream to accomplish? Are you making steps towards it? even if they are small rocking it one bit at a time is a big deal. little things add up, research, reading books, asking questions, following a professional on #twitter, listing what you want, listing where you can learn about it. All of these things are progress. Its true eventually its put up or shut up time, but it can be done incrementally. Those increments will balance you in a way you weren't even aware was possible. Looking behind me I see now that when I had a choice to stay in Ca and find a new job or go to NV that I took the easy way out and stayed with UPS out of fear. Looking at new options takes courage. Courage I didn't have at the time.

So now where do we sit? Every day I ask myself that as I keep building once page at a time. My dad always said "You learn more from getting your ass whooped then you do beating someone down." He is right about that, but that fear of failure keeps a lot of us from seeing it.

That friend of mine, I have a lot of confidence in her actually. I know things will get better for her. In fact I am of the opinion they can be far better in the future. I never thought that way before... Wow I literally just realized that as I am typing. Did something just happen?


Angry, but thinking.....