So I will start off by saying I can be a bit distracted commonly. I tend to balance too many demands on my time in a rather mad scientist fashion. In my latest example while we were tabling at Sac Anime Gives Back I made a mistake. I left behind some valuable inventory at the Con hall.

I know.... right.

Immediately my mind once I realize this sends me moodily to brooding. I still have orders that need to go out this week and was kicking my own ass for a bit.

Then I got a message from the amazing Kay at Sac Anime. Not only was she kind enough to have recovered my property, but she was kind enough to bring them to me!

Kay, thank you so much. I am so grateful. Granted I've sent her thanks so many times.

Let's think about this.

First: Make sure you have everything you have invested in prior to leaving the con. There is so much to do at the con its easy to get distracted. I may have to add an exit action to my con checklist.


Second: Making new friends starts with your behavior. I am rarely if ever a diva, I always show up early to the shows and I help who ever I can. Last week it was a couple of Noobs running an Anime Print wall.booth who couldn't find the freight entrance. During the con it tends to be very young and shy artists who are trying to learn what their next step is by meeting an artist. I prefer to be helpful, and here it paid off. Kay came to my rescue, I will not forget Sac Anime did this and it will affect my attendance and patience in the future.

You hear stories about behavior at the cons. It travels fast and it changes how people treat you if you are a diva. I would rather be the helpful person with a respectful attitude then a high maintenance pain in the rear. It colors my decisions.


Gratefully yours