Sac-Con Networking and why it is so big.

I am an artist, translation in my case is that I spend a lot of time in my own head. That can be comforting, inspiring, and lonely as all hell. There are times I do not feel connected to the art world, and Sac-Con helped me change that. Not since I left college had I felt so enthused, and if your voice is not being heard I suggest get off your duff and make it to the local con where ever you are.

  • Sac-Con after gatheringGetting to know other creators:

    • Tabling introduces you to other people at your level. The hungry ones who are working on who and what they are as creators. At one of my Sac-Con visits I tabled next to a man who entered the comics game very late. He wrote his project and worked on a web comic with an artist for over a year before putting out his graphic novel compilation. now he travels with it to other cons. The book was decent, but what I remember the most is that a guy in Artist alley plumped down next to me with something he made because he loved it, and found a way to make it work. That's all of us are trying to do.
    • Other examples and one I recommend highly is that there are people who create in a vacuum afraid people are going to steal their ideas etc. Thats a load of bull crap as there really are no new ideas. I will also tell you getting to talk to your peers and share your love for the process, for the road your traveling is worth the time to get into Sac-Con all on its own. Jason Dube and I have talked quite a bit since I met him at Sac-Con. He runs Scattered comics and I think the work his team is doing is great. Whats even better is they think what I am working on is great. At Sac-Con You get to come out of your bubble and see though you are not a master of the universe, your work is valued. Hearing that from your peers is a big thing.
  • Learning about the business

    • That person you need to meet to blow up your work is not going to randomly find you on Deviant Art. In fact I suggest such person may not exist. Success is built on learning the trade you love, and making good decisions that line up your wallet, chance and your passion. Where are you going to learn the beginnings of the trade? At local Shows. Its at Sac-Con that I saw real world examples of why I need to look for better printers like Page by Page Design. It was there that I met other vendors who own comic shops and began learning what they are looking for. It is at my table where I have had a news Broadcaster come up to me to discuss why I was there. What I had survived, and got to share my message with a city.
    • Online work is going to teach you a lot. It is not going to be a substitute however for meeting another exhibitor who wants to take your work with them to another con because he believes he can sell your prints in another city. Its not going to substitute meeting the people who run the cons who become friends who want to see you succeed, and who value your work.
    • You get to see your peers and what they charge. are you charging the right amount for your work? Is is too little or too much? Both can affect your sales.
  • When the con is over.

    • When the Con is over you still have the connections that you made. These people share with you other opportunities, like Con's in other cities. Sac-Con is not my only Con but it is a building step, and a very important one. People you sold your work to talk about it with others, and a community grows. I was at a grocery store in  my home town, a couple cities away from my Local Con. As I was loading my cart someone from a con recognized me, and we chatted for a moment. What was his message? "I love what your doing keep it up." Made my day.
    • One gentlemen I met has been alerting me to all the different cons he goes to. It's saving me a lot of  research to see which ones are out there for me to expand into.
    • Another solid aspect is that I got to also see my peers outside of the con, and make personal connections. A bit of food after the con, or maybe somewhere for drinks. Those connections are foundation for future opportunities.

To be continued: