What happened?

Busy week, and it's my opinion I need to speak a short bit about a few things. Super Hero Speak broke a story Friday, and I am getting questions from Fans and peers. As of Friday I am no longer the lead artist on Inheritance, and Outpouring comics is no longer my publisher. One had absolutely nothing to do with the other actually, but coincidentally landed in the same week.

In business there is a mix of ego, fear, planning, talent, skill, creating, opportunity and networking. This week at Outpouring Comics there was a lot of change. All of those elements are important but no matter how you mix it only one thing can keep it all balanced...

Authenticity to ones self. 

This week reminded me, my path is my own, and I need to be true to it.

Outpouring Comics

  • From a creative control point both Schu and I wanted to establish 100% control of our property. As a result I wrote a contract with clear simple exits that was a two way door. I put it there so if things got sour we could leave. However Outpouring decided to use it. It was not based on the quality of Inheritance, or sales. Both are very strong and it was made clear to us had nothing to do with the decision, and I believe it.
  • Jon and Sam have always been professional towards me. They helped make some great moments over the last year for Schu and I. It was not perfect, but it was business. I learned a lot as did they. However when they started, they started to do personal property not ones where it was owned by others. Like myself this new direction plagued them, and they made a decision.
  • They could have given the owners some more time to plan, this is true. But they are basically doing something similar to what I am. Everyone deserves to be able chase happiness, and on that level I am not judging them harshly, but instead wishing them the best of luck. I have seen some of what they will be doing in the future, and it looks pretty good.
  • Some good people have been left in the wind by this decision. I agree supporting them longer during transition would have been better, but I firmly believe given a bit of time that they will recover. They will come back kicking ass and chewing bubblegum. I think Outpouring comics internal titles will get better as well.


  • When Schu and I began Inheritance we were both starting at the same point but later I realized we were building two different things. I stand by the work we did, the things I learned, and the friends I made. None of that has changed. I am still a Co-creator of a very unique book, and Schu will work to carry it on. His motivation is in the Force of nature category, and I am not worried about him.
  • Anyone who follows me or heard me on a podcast like Super hero speak or Without your head knows of Damage Inc. Some know about the Ballad of Nod as well. It was always my intention to return to that world and I am leaving Inheritance for a simple reason. Nod is calling me, and I hear Damage Inc. every time I close my eyes.
  • If I died next week they would be my regrets. I refuse to go that way, and I am following my heart. I am grateful to our fans for their support, excited to be summoning my boys back to throw down, and my love for Nod is changing me for the better.

In the end everyone is still going to make comics, were all just going to do it in our own ways in our own houses. I can't wait to see my peers next releases. Rusty is a bad ass, Don has an concept I am jealous of, and Schu will keep Inheritance scaring every reader.

Damage Inc. no more Outpouring comics

Oh and me? Well I am going to finish a promise to the venerable Don Smith for Vampire of the lost highway real quick. Once thats done Angry brain artworks will be bringing A heavy metal train of metahuman hunting thugs into your hands.  Soon after Nod is going to remind you why dreams are so beautiful, and why most of us were afraid of our closets. Im ready to be nothing by my normal Angry Dwarven self. So sayeth the Brain.
Nod not at Outpouring

I'll see you in Nod, be careful what you bring with you.

As I am blowing Damage and The Ballad of Nod up, I will be notifying everyone and updating by email. Submit to keep up to date.


Thanks again for everyone's support!