Damage Inc What holidays are big in your house?

What holidays have your family gathering together to recall how grateful they are to be together, how lucky they are to be alive and celebrate the splendor of not being alone and miserable? In our house growing up it was Halloween, and the Fourth of July. I would suggest this is because my father loved both of them and did not manage to get into the insane antics that he did on say Christmas. (I have literally won worst Christmas competitions.) Holidays above all things putting aside the commercial aspects are and should be about celebrating family. Without that whats the point? Damage Inc. in all of its fire-breathing, electrical throwing, gun blazing glory is actually about that.

Let me explain.

Zen and James

  • Just days before the fourth of July we were at the pool, it was a chaotic burst of childhood. Neighbor kids were there, my kids, Lon (Cuda) and Chris's kids were there. Zen is James' closes friend, and partner in crime. When they play they see Batman and Ghostbusters, or Superman and the flash. Lon and I see Damage Inc. we see what it would have been like to know each other since we are 1 years old and it puts a smile on hour face. Whats the real difference between the two five years olds being super heroes in the living room and  Lon and I playing Role playing games with Dice? A few rules? Maybe, but the most important thing I ever got out of it was a friend that I can call brother.

The Fight

  • James was playing in the shallow end of the pool with a life vest on, and Zen was the same in the deep with Lon. In the Shallow end there were four other boys one of which was shooting James in the head with a super soaker. James had a smaller pistol but it was only vaguely successful. I imagine that being shot in the face by the larger water gun is quite distracting.
  • "Dad this kids shooting me in the face!"
  • "Son just go to the other end of the pool and play with Zen, he's here to see you anyway!" James looked at me with a  sense of realization. I turned to speak to Lon and saw James run behind me to Zen. A few moments later I hear "OKAY ZEN LETS GET HIM!" They had procured another gun and decided the best way was to go back and thug up on the other kid with their pea shooters. Damage Inc. style. Of course they didn't realize the other three boys had soakers as well. In short order a war was created.  Shortly after attacking from the shallow end ladder yelling "BRING IT!" they were both being blasted head to toe. Also Damage Inc. style. Lonny and I couldn't stop laughing.
  • Before the day was over both boys had requested better firepower for next week. Also Damage Inc. style

In the past:

When I was James' age I did not have the good fortune of meeting with the rest of Damage Inc. yet. I wouldn't meet Wayne until I was 12, Matt and Lon 14. Kender, Jay and Mike even longer after that. I was years away from real friends. Because of my awkward nature I had trouble connecting with other kids and I was in a very lonely place most of the time. What I saw was James does not feel that way, and neither does Zen. I saw two boys smiling and two boys who so far do not feel the weight of the world the way I did. I saw James being himself and not being afraid to because he had a friend to stand with him. My life would have been very different running with those guys from age 1. I can only hope every good thing that would have come from it transfers to my kids.

Damage Inc. Forever

Forever Damage Inc.

 Angry but Laughing and buying the biggest squirt gun James can handle.