Scattered Comics and the path to Chico-Con:

Scattered is the new home for Damage. Scattered feels like a place where Damage inc. can be at home. There my model is up to me. Though, I am insanely busy with Day job woes as well as with finishing Vampire of the lost Road. As a part of the new and exciting stuff going on Scattered has made arraignments so that I can attend Chico-Con. It is liberating to be somewhere new, meeting new fans and bringing Damage Inc. to Chico. Jason Dube and I have been talking about doing something like this with Damage Inc.  and Shadow hunters for over a year. To even have one of my peers as me to work with them and share the story pumps me up. Having it be a bookk where we get to thrash around and fight stuff I am excited to announce that we are doing a cross over with Shadow Hunters and Damage Inc.!

The work on the issue is going to begin soon. I will be documenting the work process that I use. After its done we will be looking at collecting the first three issues for something bigger as my first multi issue Arc begins. It all begins with Chico-Con and I can not wait.


Super hero Speak:

While I was on Superhero Speak I got a chance to hear this song by Block. He's a really interesting Comic fan who is making some music with solid production value. The  song was inspired by the rather antihero antics of Suicide Squad. To my ears though this thing sounds like Damage Inc.. So much I feel like I want to roll into Chico-con with this blaring as a sound track. He's a cool dude and we chatted a bit.