Finding my inner Punk Rock

When I was a kid I one of my older sisters introduced me to Nintendo, rpgs like Zelda, she had a ton of confidence in me. Her name is Toby. She was this punk rock Tomboy who had a brilliant artistic eye for Photography. Man she was so cool, and back then I was mega proud of the stuff she was doing. Hell if it was not for her hand me downs I would have gone to school in acid wash jeans and girls tops.  She had a love for prince, and weird stuff that I only remember fuzzily.

The bottom line was that she was artistic and expressive and left a massive impression on me. I still remembering watching the insanity of Suburbia and its Punk Rock need for an F@#$ you statement. Sometimes you have to raise your finger, it's not always the best idea mind you but it is what it is.

The Bloodstrings:

There is a Podcast I have been on called Without Your head. It is a great podcast of all things horror. They embrace both the macob as well as the campy. Go check them out I love listening to Neal and Annabelle. Recently there was this German Punk A Billy band on and I dug both the music on the podcast and the personality that was coming through the interview, so I asked Neal to help a brother out and provided me with some contact for the Bloodstrings. Their band is a mix of the energy I love, the energy I got from my sister. Within seconds of hearing You Better Drop Dead I was hooked.

The Band agreed to letting me use their likeness in the Crossover issue. I am working on it with Scattered Creator and Founder Jason Dube. There's going to be a bad ass knockdown fight and we are going to Jam to the Bloodstrings.