The value of Scary Stories

Scary stories get the hear pumping. I think this is universal though our tolerances are different for everyone. For my kids though there is a point to me telling them stories with things that go bump in the night. The whole point of the horror elements in my creations can be summoned in one of two directions.


Rise of the hero

A hero is only as good as its villain, and a villain is only as good as its villainy. For example a story with Gauge busting a regular old shoplifter doesn't have a lot of oompf in it does it? Watching a 6'8" behemoth with a shotgun chase down a 14-year-old trying to score some skittles has all the elements of some of the horrid stories about cops shooting people over the last few years, and in all honesty that's just not a good story.

Lets change that.

Let's make a good scary story, Gauge goes in to a store ear his house to get some orange juice. He has no weapons no armor, what he doesn't know is that the shop owners brother who lives in a small rental space beneath the store has been studying the Necronomicon for the last four years. Tonight being a particular star alignment has allowed out an ancient entity form a nearby plane that really loathes all things living, and after consuming the brother has attached itself to a young 14-year-old boy and has decided to take over our dimension. Lets be honest that villain is worth reading about.

Without hating our bad guys we can not love our good guys. Without the bad guys we can not see how high our good guys can take us, we can not see how high we can aspire. That's the true reason for heroes. Someone we can aspire to someone who inspires us.


Making Light come into the dark

When things are at their ugliest that is when a smile, a good heart becomes the most valuable. A scary story that doesn't at least make you laugh once is just not my kind of story. It's why Damage Inc. became an action/comedy more so then a horror/action book like I originally planned. At first I was very much planning on big fights serious grimace faces and impressing everyone with my epicness. Then I pulled my head out of my ass.

Somewhere along the way, people say the little comments being made by the characters at each other were the best part. They saw their own friends, they laughed with them. That opened my eyes. Epic is not something you can do on purpose, and it is my opinion when you try you fail. However the things you love can come out in what you do. Truly making that in the spirit of what you love can and will translate into something that reaches more people.


In the end Storytelling is about Aspiration

So when I tell my scary stories now, they have a point to them. They may tread into the darker parts of the imagination at times, but not so far you can not see the slight. Scary stories are meant to help us learn about ourselves and who we want to become. In all honesty there are writers out there who do not understand this, and creators who live in the world where human beings can not find nobility or humor. Those stories are not for me. If I want to be disappointed in people who should be heroes I can look out my window our boot up social media. Stories are meant to lift us up into the light, not drown us all in human filth.

"So shines a goo deed in a weary world..." Willy Wonka

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