My little heroes

my little heroes

Where in the hell did all the heroes go?

Look around. We are bombarded everyday by a media frenzy of fear. I'm not solely talking about the Election. I am talking about that the media and news don't broadcast about the heroes fighting the pipeline, We don't hear the stories about our press being treated like criminals when they try to be what a journalist is meant to do. A policemen stops a gun wielding nut from killing people in LA and not a peep comes. Where are the heroes?

Real heroes get no press. Our kids are not going to aspire to be a hero any more. Aspirations are turning to consumer goals instead of lives filled with meaning, purpose and community. Kardashian instead of  Amy Goodman

What do we Aspire to?

  • Recently someone I care about a great deal said something that is still echoing in my mind. "Be the person you needed when you were growing up." This is something that spoke to me and I have begun building into my perspective as a father, a husband and a creator.
  • For me it begins with what we create. While Damage has anti heroes in it, they are willing to pull the trigger, they are also willing to do the right thing. Willing to refuse to bend to the bullies and willing to face the hard decisions that it takes to stand tall.
  • Chaotic Good is about the same thing. Gamers and creators looking to talk about the positive aspects of the Hobby, to welcome new people interested in it and to embrace the fact that we all have challenges and trauma, how do we rise from it?

Show me your heroes:

  • It starts with us, not the people who want to run things. it always has even though in our security we tend to forget it. It isn't the people signing the bills who make the change, its the ones in real life doing the right thing.
  • I am looking for stories of heroes in real life to share. We just recorded a podcast with an actor struggling with racism and using his creative efforts to move beyond it in the mid west. I want to hear more about people doing the right thing.
  • For all of my dice throwing gamer heroes. I am looking for stories from the table I can add to Damage inc in the print releases. I have decades of stories from my table that range from egg implanted dwarven thieves to armies on an asteroid and tarring and feathering the group cleric. To me, there is always room for more though.
  • It is the point of everything I do in Damage Inc. the podcast, and my appearances the cons. It is to not only do what I love, but also to help others find the path to do what they love. The path to using something no matter how nerdy as the steps to becoming the hero we needed when we were young. Help me share.

We need more heroes.

I am interested in hearing stories about you stories about what and how you rise above. Who knows you could land an interview on the Podcast.

There are people who hear this, and want to share. For those who believe that there is more to humanity speak up. Go to Damage Inc. on Facebook hit my up on Twitter @jamesburtonii and share some stories with me. Help me give this world more heroes. We need them. More importantly there are kids out there who need them. If I use your story Ill send you a Angry Brain Artwork Sketchcard.