The Cliff's

There's a cliff not far from here over a  lake. My friends had suggested we take a look and go Cliff jumping.  At its highest its 88 feet over the water, and at its lowest its like 1 foot. One summer my friends and I were swimming there and a bunch jumped off into the fall from the top. I stood there on the top alone. Looking down, I was afraid, not because i thought it was too shallow, but because I could screw up the jump, and tumble down the cliff. (worst case scenario.)

My friends cat called me from the bottom, but I was not afraid of judgment compared to an ugly life of being a cripple.

But I wanted to jump.

There was one friend though who knew me better. He didn't call me names or insult me or peer pressure me, he was the last to jump before me, and the one who told me it would be all right and, he was okay if I did not follow. However he knew I wanted to go cliff jumping in the first place.

Instead he said "Jump James or I'm telling your dad."

I jumped...


Why I went Cliff jumping.

It wasn't that I am afraid of my dad. It was that at that point in life I desperately wanted to be worthy of him. I wanted to be every bit as big as brave... as bad as he was, but I never thought I could be. Matt knew that, he got me to jump.

I went through that today. Taking risks I'm good at unless it means risking money, I suck at that. Fear from epic failure in the past cripples me, and I'm fighting it.

What the hell is wrong with me?

I build systems at work. At multi million dollar warehouses, I helped create UPS's employee relations training, and their Comprehensive Safety training that is used in every UPS hub and warehouse in the world. I redesigned the entire warehouse system for Honeywell at the UPS account and saved them 7 million dollars in 2 years.

Yet I was afraid to spend anything because it was for me, my dreams.

Today my family helped me jump. I am in the Comix Launch Mastery . To take Damage up a notch.