Lown is a good dude and a fellow gamer.

He's also a big dude. He was kind enough to back the campaign and enough of a bad ass to send me this. That is a huge hoodie with a patch that was as large as I could get printed. If it looks familiar its because Lown had this shot of him in tribute to the big Man to the Gauge. I really dig this picture. Gauge is a huge, honest loud mouth who absolutely without a doubt loves his friends. if someone has to take a hit to save someone else its this guy, and if you are dumb enough to hit someone in DAMAGE INC. you are going to be facing him the second he can physically get to you. It's not just his job being the meat shield, its a part of who he is.

Gauge is a character based on one made with my buddy named Wayne. The character honestly gets the most fan feedback. Closest to that is the crazy little sister Cera. In the books Gauge can be a real jerk, I try to even that out with as much hubris and humor keeping the other members of the team there to challenge him when hes saying something chauvinistic, or mocking one of the other characters. It is a fine line to walk but so is being Wayne's friend.

Mainly because he has that same sense of humor...

There is a strength in not giving a F@#$!

That sense of not giving a damn attracts people to Gauge,

However I have also noticed something about the bigger fans of that character, they share something else of Wayne's demeanor. In most cases they are people who are doing their damnedest to help and protect others too. Despite taking highly damaging and personal hits. Even at their most beat down they keep going. Perseverance is a valuable thing to have and so far Damage inc. Fans seem to have it in spades.

In the case of Lown, he's very supportive to his friends, and very loyal. Recently he had a lot of hard situations pop up, but the guy made the time to back the kick-starter and send me a lot of supportive messaged despite his personal challenges. There is also another fan named Zach, who loves helping others and is constantly promoting Indy work. He has a situation of his own challenging him but he loves Gauge and has Cos-play planned in the near future.

A lot of times, the sarcasm, and the over the top humor is just part of the screen that these bad asses use to protect people, and themselves. It is armor, just like that Patch. its a warning not to provoke the Gauge as much as its made to help him take the hits that come after us all.

So sayeth Angry Brain.