How do you capitalize on success? I heard recently in the webcomics alliance podcast that success in art or in careers n general are not about single one time events. In fact so many times we expect something to blow up and then shout on the roof tops that we are made men we are actually setting ourselves up for failure. The successes in all of their forms are rungs on a ladder we can choose to build on them and seek the next rung or we can choose to ignore it and hang out on our rung.


The question becomes what to do to capitalize on it. In this case I have an amazing gig as the spot illustrator on KODT, IN all honest the best gaming magazine out there for me due to its high entertainment factor. It never feels like I am reading a commercial just enjoying gaming genres with friends, and I love it. First image is coming up in 198, and soon my cover will grace the comic. Right now my plan is to keep working on Damage Inc. I had to modify the pages a bit to make me happy with the first issue. I am going to shoot for a June completion of the book. After that there are boards coming in September I am extremely hopeful about.  Man good momentum.

Here is to hoping I do not find a way to screw it up!


Yours in both fierce explosion of potential and maddening lack of self confidence.

James Burton.