What will you think about on your death bed? I can tell you what I thought about on mine. Many hours were spent thinking about my just born daughter, and that I desperately wanted her to know me. How much I loved her and how much I wanted her to find strength in a world made to challenge us. My wife was in my thoughts every hour as well, her grace and love was something that no matter what I do I can never do enough to repay. There are many people from Family to friends who have made a difference in my life and I wanted to leave each person with the knowledge of what that was. Mainly a desperate attempt to make them whole in my passing, though I confess that despite my intentions there is only so much anyone can do to help the grieving. I regretted not submitting my art to more professional venues as an adult, and realized how incomplete it made me feel. The last part was a two piece that in afterthoughts were similar. I desperately wanted to finish my Harley and ride her, and I wanted to just feel the breeze.

On your death bed will you think that way? Will you think about the family you love so much and want to know how you feel? Will you feel incomplete from denying your calling? Will the love of your life seem to glow in radiance? ┬áLife is short. I was graced to have a second chance. My son still bounces on my knee and makes me see the world through my 3 year old self. My daughter makes me proud daily, and shows me that its the heart dead adults who ruin this world, when we destroy our children’s innocence. I still think that my wife can warm my heart no matter how frustrated or lost I feel. She went through hell while I recovered, she deserves so much. My comic is making slow headway but headway none the less, and with every panel I feel like something missing was found. The bike gets worked on little by little, and I do not think any of the people I love have no idea how I feel about them.

When I wrote this I had found out some one I know had died. He was a good man, in my opinion. He made me laugh. He was a respectful guy that I gamed with a bit, right now his family is grieving over a very sudden and unexpected loss. There is no way for me to know if his family knew how he felt, or if he left things incomplete. When the reaper returns it will not be that way for me.  Sometimes death comes silently and swiftly, do not expect him to allow you the second chance. Love your family, tell them how they make the sky dance in your mind, find work you love, and do not take the amazing people who love you for granted. Death will come for all of us. Make it worth his time to chase you down because your to busy enjoying every moment.

Angry but Gratefully yours,