Yesterday my poet sister asked me to do a bit of art for her most recent poem. She had been inspired by a friend, and without realizing it touched on a core concept of mine. Actually, of both of ours without realizing it.

When I was fifteen my dad to teach me a lesson bought me my first leather vest. He took me to a little custom place in Marysville, and I had no idea why we were there other than he wanted to give me a gift. My brother and I were beginning to get to the age where we could get into real trouble. Our fights with other kids were changing in nature and he wanted to show me that there was more than one way to fight.

What he wanted to show me was that by letting more of who I was on the inside out that it would ward off some of the people giving me problems. His vocalization of it was limited but often my dad you use his behavior to create a presence. Most people feared or respected him. Friends were his crew… His Damage Inc.

My dad in many ways was the original Damage member, the founder. It was he who let our rag-tag crew hang around him, and it was the lessons he would teach us that at that time we needed so desperately.

My next piece in my Limited Edition Damage Prints is Cera: Mortal Eternal Gods. Kira many times never really felt as close as she wanted to dad. She has always struggled being the younger sister of all the Damage Inc. trouble makers, but she has earned her rockers several times over. She is also so much more her father’s daughter then she ever realized. Mortal Eternal Gods sums up my dads message better than he did. Who we are, how we act and appear is the armor we wear against the rest of the wold. Each one is as different as the person who piece mailed it together from their childhoods.

Wear yours with Pride Bear.

Also I am going to be at Sac Anime Gives back on Sunday. I will have a few of these there as limited prints. I would love to get a picture of a fan holding this for Kira, it would make her day.

Angrily yours