I like to work on my tablet on the floor, When I was five and drawing away on my sketch paper that was where my home was. I didn't get a drawing table for a long time, and we don't have space for it at the moment. Lately James has been wanting to make stories himself, and yesterday he got next to me with his writing paper and a pen and asked me to panel a page for him. Then one panel at a time he told me a story.

"There was an astronaut who was in a rocket ship, and he crashed into the ocean.

A sea monster with ten legs was watching.

The Astronaut escaped the wreck in his space suit, and ran out into the ocean while his rocket ship was sinking.

There was a lot of bubbles and the rocket ship exploded.

A giant sting ray came bigger then a house, no wait a giant Jelly fish, no wait three Giant jelly fish brothers came, and captured the Astronaut.

They brought him to the monster,because he was their boss, and the monster ate him."

My son just made a comic book. A one page story with a beginning and an end. This may become a thing. This should be a thing.