New set up for the bible. I love it. This Character is a mad scientist that was created for issue 2. Leanne is a well intentioned scientist, obsessed with the answer to preventing death. She explores any and all avenues…. In the course of her studies she creates a few dozen zombies by accident. The gentlemen in Damage Inc. decide to deal with it in their normal course of action using explosives in the central park of Golden Bay city.

I see a gentle park afternoon interrupted by daylight zombie raids, all pirouetting to the conclusion of an explosive discharge of ammunition and concussive shrapnel. Fun fun fun. It will also introduce 2 more members of Damage Inc.:

Cuda a descendant of the old Demon Hunters of China who for some reason can not seem to stop himself from finding reasons to use grenades.

Koll, methodical master of mathematics who has  become able to bend the laws of physicals as a result of his mental mastery of the medium and techniques into arithmancy.


Both of them will see bible pages shortly.