Christmas passed… It never comes without bringing pressure and anticipation. Being a dad now I spend time desperately trying not to wallow in the darkened childhood memories.

So… this weekend instead of wallowing a buddy of mine and I worked on our bikes. Let me rephrase due to my current challenges he did most of the wrenching while I mad smart as comments and slowly began painting my tank. I have put months of thought into my paint scheme. Your ride is a statement of sorts, an expression. It should be you every inch. I went with blue and white racing stripes.

My colors…. I used to think I was red and black, but that was dad. My heart was never like that, For the longest time I wanted it to be. As a child I was always concerned I wasn’t tough like my father. I was always disappointed I couldn’t be as stalwart, and confrontational as he would have liked. It took me 30 years to realize it was his persona. Something he made to protect him self from abuse at a young age.┬áBlack and Red…..Pitbulls and Dobermans. The toughest man I can imagine, who was also a surprisingly empathic person.

Blue and white… She’s nearly done.