My favorite things to draw are the moments just before a good fight, and a fight. Growing up I had the fortunate luck to befriend a very generous boy who allowed me access to a veritable treasure trove of comic goodness. His older brother had collected the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles….. All of them, in graphic as well as in floppy. To me the three greatest comics or more appropriate influential ones were TMNT, Poison elves, and James O Barr’s the crow.

In my youth the one I spent countless hours doodling was the turtles. Those gritty black and white stories filled with street level violence and ninja animals were like hypnotism to me. Look, I am the guy who likes that dirty in your face street stuff I would rather read about batman hunting Zazz through the sewers over a little girl then about Sups fighting on Apockalyps. I prefer normal street Spidey to cosmic Spidey, and the avengers in all of their infinity glory were never my cup of tea. Give me dark alleys and lonely back woods. It speaks to me in a human way to see those struggles. Saving a planet while cool in some aspects doesn’t connect with me in the same way. It just seems to far out there for me to swallow, especially to the guys who do it every month in four books etc.

When I was a kid I didn’t dream of powers that would let me prevent a comet from falling from the sky, or lifting an island out into orbit. My dreams were of the dressing up and saving the kids who needed it. The ones who couldn’t save themselves. Probably because of my own problems that I was to young to comprehend, and I was most likely trying to find the strength to be my own savior yada yada. What I do know is that for me, the differences that are truly phenomenal start in the street. They start by being a good big brother or father, they start by being an example and intervening when its the right thing to do.

There will be moments where things escalate to a larger proportion in my work I am sure. That being said it will still be my favorite in the beginning, watching the first few dominoes knock over and start the storm.

Eager and hungry…