As a kid I was bullied. I was an introvert who would rather keep my nose in a book and my actions polite. Mixing that with the ridiculous behavior of more “normal” children landed me in a world where daily I felt that I was alone and miserable. Combine that with my um… questionable upbringing and you have a child who is very angry, and blames himself for being an odd ball.

Later on I found friends to whom did not Judge me. They were there for me while I dealt with the shadows built up inside my own fragile mixture of ego and self loathing. Damage Inc. I have mentioned before is a result of those friendships. We were Damage Inc. With the rules from Palladium Books we created a world that spun tales of adventure where we could find justice, face down our enemies, and find out who we were in a safe place. It was my route through the darkness and a door framed by men I call my brothers. I have my doubts that I will ever stop praising what it did for me.

On May 20th, Damage Inc will see its first print title in the Evil Moose Crossing II. They will also appear in Evil Moose Crossing III which I am nearly done with. The III is in color by the way. An amazing artist from Brazil is working the colors and I am constantly impressed by his textures and hues. Last night I won the cover for Crossing II, and in doing so also began discussing with the great Guys at Evil Moose ( how to get A Damage mini series moving. (Thank you Mike Salt!) I am in the beginning but inside me there is an 8 year old boy, he just read his first comic given to him by his dad and realized what he wanted to do, finding himself or at least the path to find himself. His life ahead of him is dark and filled with challenges, but the heroes they inspire him to cling to a simple concept. He is not the bad guy… That idea has aloud me to find the gumption to make hard choices and preserve myself from the fate and up bringing I fell into. This small Indie run is just that small, but for me this is huge. More momentum and more feeling whole.

Damage Inc. ……….. Just saying it makes me swell at the moment.

“Hunting Super humans for fun ¬†and profit.”

If you know what you should be doing, don’t fight it, don’t try to do something else you will end up hollow and with regret tearing you apart slowly until the bitterness left inside of yourself ¬†makes the decisions for you.

There is heavy metal in my head, and there Damage Inc. slams to the fires built on our past…