Time for a page, and a bit of ramblings.

This is getting more comfortable, the lettering, the having my work colored. Every bit of it gets me more excited. I am beginning plans for 2015 con attendance. Preparing, studying gathering resources. Even if one print leaves my table its progress. My best of friends are encouraging me to think big, make showings at Wizard World, Emerald city, or bigger, Wonder Con. I’m excited and scared out of m mind. Part of me is telling me I am out of my mind. No reputation, limited audience, the Con will prove fruitless…. Matt and the others say different and bolster and encourage… in a smack talk kind of way.

When we were in high school there was this cliff by a very brown lake. Its about 85 feet to the plunge. Not that I am afraid of heights I just thought that it was exciting, and scary. We found ourselves there in the immortality of youth. My friends had little trouble careening off the cliff, and when they were all treading water I found myself sitting alone on the top. I was far more nervous than scared. Until Matt called out.

“Jump man its fine. You’ll love it!”

“Not so sure…”

“Fine Jump or I am telling your dad you sat up there all scared.”

I jumped…

Being called a panzy ass does wonders to motivate me. Matt has always been good at knowing I would love something and getting me to do it. That jump was dumb, but there are times you have decide you want to live, and do something scary.

So…. lets see. Preparing has been interesting. The great stuff coming from Web Comics alliance (http://www.webcomicalliance.com/) has been invaluable. Especially the con notes and research done. When I was a hopeful kid none of this info was easily found. These people deserve a thanks.

Get ready, make plans…do something you want that petrifies you. Let your friends kick you over the edge.