So This week I am excited. Jolly Blackburn over at KODT has graciously allowed me to do another 2 covers for the best gaming comic and magazine in print today. His work has made me laugh so many times since it was first introduced to me back in the RIFTER. It is an honor to be allowed to grace his books.

The RIFTER…. that takes me back. I spent years being attached to Palladium games at the hip. Each day I either had a book in my hands planning out the future Escapades of Damage Inc, or my friends and I were inside our heads chasing the demons and villains I had created. Despite what some people call archaic and broken, I love Palladium. There is no such thing as mechanical balance in it. It forces the Game Master to develop balance through story line.

Damage itself first took place in that world, it began with Matt and I playing out a summer where every single day or nearly we were hunting down super villains and stopping world domination. (Or in his case attempting it.) We had overpowered unstoppable heroes, that over time developed into something else. The Characters in Damage are based on the stories and Characters from back then. Loosely. I doubt the rambling and childish endeavors of a 14 year old would easily translate into something worth reading on a consistent basis, so they really are more inspiration.

There are so many moments that I want to find a place for. Like the Kender Maneuver an infamous grenade mathematics attack that is literally stupid and genius at the same time. First Attempted by Lonny, evolved by Kender. There are villains in my head I made for them, to challenge them, and to drive them nuts. This world was my shelter, and my safe harbor despite that it was filled with blood thirsty orphans, and cockroach demons. In this world I had to confidence and the power to challenge the wrong things, the dark and the evil. The confidence came from having my brothers at my back. (Which included my actual brother Steve, and my little sister Kira.) There I got to do the right thing, no matter the cost.

So despite the people who complain about in Nerd Rage circles about Palladium’s mechanics, or about some new system they love or want to tout I say this. It was never the rules that made the game, it was never the crit charts, or the fancy books and expansions or dice types. It was the family I had around me, it was the laughter and the astonishment of sharing each others hearts and minds in such a creative way. Rot in you new system, keep buying the newest thing to satisfy your hollow needs and empty soul. It’s no different then someone shoe hunting, you are nerd but you are human. Recognize that your best days and hours at the table were because of those around you and not because of the type of dice you threw.