Anger, like an old ex girlfriend you just can’t get rid of…. How much you are repulsed and attracted is sickening.

The longer I am a father the more I see how my behavior shapes my children, their behavior, their choices and their future. The more I realize the same thing for myself. My dad had a temper spawned from his upbringing, his father and stepfather…… Dear god I am a byproduct of my fathers teen angst… are my children…. I work to break those chains.

When I was sick, someone I respect a great deal told my darling wife I would be even angrier, and at times I wouldn’t be myself. I like to think I never fell that far, but truth be told the trauma just waited and got me 5 years later. I can honestly say though right now I feel light, lighter and more whole then I have in so long. It would be nice though if anger would stop texting me at the dumbest times tempting me for an impromptu visit.

Agrilcus Dwarficus at your service.