WTH?An Elf Mage?!

Freaking A yes an elf. The Suso isn’t from here, but he knows how to kick ass. Suso is a hard core evoker from another dimension.

What? Evoker? Yeah thats the guy who throws Goddamn fireballs, he can turn invisible all that crap, but hes got a problem. You see in Suso’s world hes a bad ass, and ran with a sword swinging crew who fought on a comet, flying fortresses, ancient ruins buried in legends and the shadows of gods.

Suso has a problem though, one of his crew in that ancient place really screwed up. In a fight he injured this guy who got away. He crawled away in a pool of his own blood and fell into a dark place. He found part of the remains of a fallen god, long story short, he consumed it, and became an avatar.

There’s something he needs though. He needs his soul back…

Years ago THE SUSO Elf Mage and his friends found a Jewel that had possessed a lich, The Eye of Woe. Suso has kept it hidden ever since.

Trying to send the Eye into another world THE SUSO screwed up. He landed in my world. Now he’s trying to adapt, which is hard with 11″ ears and a racist attitude towards humans in general. What’s an Elf Mage to do? Time to do some Damage!

Suso is a character made in tribute to my friend J, he’s going to be thugging with us later. More news to come.

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