Todays villain in the Damage inc. Rogues gallery is Fallout. Her origin is not clear. She is not one to talk about herself. What is known is she is a sociopath with no care about hitting a building to pull a single mark. Her power is self combustion, she leaves traces of radiation from the blast. No one has gotten close enough to watch and figure out how she isn’t destroying herself in the process. What I known is that when ever she runs out of party money she goes looking for a hit to refund her coffers and doesn’t care if itsĀ  green peace boat or a super powered mobster hit squad she’s sent after.

She was knocked out once before she could do he thing and spent three days being beaten by an cleaner in Chicago. when it was over she blew the warehouse the had her in to shreds and sent a thank you note for a good time to the mark before coming back after him again. She is known as a very effective last resort.