I wish I was writing today with good news and heralding more attempts of mine for storytelling. Truth is my family and I are in trouble, and I find myself in more confusion than resolution. I am attaching to this a great pic of the villains that will be in the upcoming Moose Crossing anthology, and I am nearly done with it. I look forward to seeing it in print. I am sad though, I finally make small gains here and there in my art, and get closer with each submission to the grail. However I have foolishly allowed my frustration with myself to tumble my own family into currents of fear. We have challenges ahead. My art is still drastically important to me, and I am by no means giving up. I am just expressing myself that I do not look forward to having to find day job hustle as well as time for my only soothing endeavor to a restless and weary soul.

So anthology is looming, possible mini series if it goes well, and I will announce places to purchase etc, once this happens. I thoroughly hope  those who peruse this page on occasion will pick up a copy and see the boys of Damage hunt down Ariel and her ilk. If I land the mini series as a result of it I have several nice and brilliant ideas in mind for a good 4 issue arc. Outside of that I have gotten some interest from some submissions.. Details to follow in my never ending quest to feed my children with the wares of my imagination.