Gate is another late comer to the Damage INc Party. Inspired in part by my buddy Mike. I can not talk about Mike without talking about my stay at the hospital. Mike was among the members of Damage who got Maricar to the hospital despite the challenges, opened up his home to me and helped keep me sane.

If it was dropping off a frigging brand new (all be it booby pink ) DS to keep my brain moving or it was his optimism I needed it. Even now we talk often, recently he and his wife Shannon had a beautiful daughter Lilly. In the hospital just after she was born that little girl had a fight on her hands. Mike knows how to keep his feet moving when the crap hits the fan. I am grateful for that. He has a certain calm about him I am jealous of.

Mike and I bounce project ideas off one another like a racket ball game sometimes, I appreciate his perspective, and he brought Hackmaster into our lives for which I will forever be grateful. hes also the only GM to kill one of my PC’s… Poor Badger, he never had a chance. My dwarven thief was struck by a facehugger, thrown off a cliff, watched his best friend be eaten by lamprays, had his stomach burrowed into by a rat, given leprosy, and finally swallowed by a mimic, and digested… Like I said Poor Badger.

Gate is a character loosely based on a Character Mike played just for a bit. Mike was never one for a who’s penis is bigger powers game. he prefers more subtle characters. In the middle of Damage with their big guns, and big egs hes the little guy who can get in places and out. Hiw powers are a random mutation tied to temporal space. The character is more about doing things then voicing as well. He will be in the larger Anarchy Arc that comes after the next one. He gets to do what Mike does best which is help kids. His real life job when hes not rolling with us is teaching Martial arts Okinowan style at Zen marital arts. He has mixed Bushido into his teaching to elevate his teaching beyond breaking boards and ribs. For him its about creating the kind of life the kids deserve and helping them find a path to it.

Like I said my friends are the family we built when the chaos of our upbringing crashed in on us. All of us are Damaged… All of us are broken, our lives are far more defined by how we fix our splitting seems and seeping dams then by the events that cracked us up in the first place.