The Future of Damage inc.

The world we live in is complicated and full of amazing things both good and evil. In that capacity I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has joined the Club and put their names out there for the future of Damage Inc. As well as everything Angry brain Artworks. It means a lot to me that my stories get heard.

What time is it?

Right now and for the for see-able future my focus is on Damage inc. the time for inheritance is long past. As a result I wanted to share a bit about why this project is important to me. I have survived a lot. I grew up surrounded by chaos, addiction and neglect. As an adult I have battled Cancer, become a father, a husband and lost so many material things in the journey my heart breaks when I think about it.

There were a few constants in that. My family, the one I built not the one I was born into was there. The family that is the friends who helped me lift my head when I was too tired to move. The ones who brought games to my hospital room and played till I fell asleep sitting up so I could do something besides sit and heal. Those who shared their homes with my family and looked out for Maricar and my daughter when I could not. The list goes on.

This is Damage Inc. That name comes form an RPG we used to play all the time to keep us out of trouble. Damage Inc. was the name we created of my stories. The name has become a symbol for us about what it means to be family.

My family built on choice.

This is why I do Damage Inc. Damage is my serenade for the things that I love, my appreciation for the ones who stood by me so I could build a legacy for my children instead of following my parents, building a tomb, and turning into a burden.

Damage Inc.  in its bottom line is about friends. About how we talk to each other, how we defend each others backs, and lift each other up. Everybody has friends they can see in this, because its real friends who inspired me to create this thank you.

Thank you!

As a thank you to those reading it I am going to share a couple pages of the new story line. Shadow Damage will be released in 2017, both digitally as well as in print. and a Kickstarter to help me build more into the club. Damage Inc. Rides together. I am also releasing some behind the scenes stuff like the issue 3 in progress pdf, and downloadable pdfs as well as the Bible Damage Inc. Click here, add your name to the Prospect list and that will get you access.

Damage Inc. is about friends and family at its core. (Behind the #momjokes and the gun-play) I would love to hear some stories about who is in your family. Who had your back when you got surrounded? Who picked you up off the floor when you were bleeding and hurt? These stories are what we are all built on, and I would love to hear them. Lets celebrate the people who save us from the fire.