When I was 15 I was walking with my friends to a swimming hole. It was not a short walk and it was on one of those summer afternoon where you seek out away to cool off or die trying. After hustling a mile down a gravel road we ducked under a barb wire fence leaving the tetanus and rust on the ancient spikes. Five feet later I heard the squeakings of a little bird. It was obviously in need of help. Its wing was spread out and an odd painful angle. I thought “Ok Ill take it back to Wayne’s and put him a shoe box.” Every sitcom from the eighties ran through my head….

Until Wayne very quickly lunged in front of me and with a giant white Nike stomped the thing into a quiet grave…

I was stunned, I had not even thought putting it out of its misery was the right thing to do. That’s just not in my nature. I just wanted to help. Wayne takes a different approach. He swears he knew it couldn’t be saved. From his point he did the right thing. I still disagree, and in all honesty one of the best parts about having good friends s that they can be something you are not. Sum greater than its parts kind of thing.

I still think hes a jerk though.