facebook1Thursday night I sat down to do a sketch for someone. In all honesty I was not sure what I wanted to do other than that I knew he was  Damage Fan. Meet Cody, Cody is a Cancer survivor like myself but with a different distinction, he fought it as a child. His parents watched him go through something awful that I wish on no one. His mom Sabrina and I have been friends for years, and she is not only a talented creator herself (She designs award-winning Masquerade and cosplay masks.)a big supporter of the work I try to do.  In fact Cody has the first print I ever made, a unique one of the kind copy of one of the pages from Damage Inc. Issue 2. He is a good kid and he been through so much.

So what did that inspire me to do, just a couple of nights before the #FCBD event at Ken’s Comics? It drove an Idea into my head at 1am, that I couldn’t walk away from. The name Damage Inc. As I have said before refers to the name we christened onto our in-game group for Palladium Books’ Heroes unlimited. It is and always will be a core moment in my life that allowed me to steer away from so many things that were beating my life down. It was the entry door into the safe harbor that was my friends. The other members of Damage Inc.

We romanticist the in-game adventures quite a bit. For many of us the real world had little to offer us back then. Most of us came from broken homes, families burdened with parental addiction, Abuse and far worse. However we survived. When you grow up like that one of the fastest things to disappear is the belief the faith that things will be okay. I understand my troubles and I can only imagined how Cody struggled. I know the weight of it, and for his shoulders to bear them so young would once have had me screaming at the sky and shaking my fist angry at the creator and all of his incarnations. I often think back and I am amazed I survived at all.

There are a dozen popular movies who talk about the strength of getting back up, there are songs etc. For me this said it all, this is what Damage Inc. was about. It was about us learning to get back up. Everyone is going to have a time in their life where they get an ass whooping from the world. Its going to come in the form of everything from jilted lovers, theft, sickness, and accident. None of us are immune to it, and worse not everyone makes the choice to get back up. That strength comes from having something inside us, and something inside our loved ones that keeps us going. You are only broken as long as you choose to be.

So for those who want to hang this on their walls, I released 10 of these so far 1 belongs to Cody, 2 belongs to an uber Fan, and 3 belongs to Ken the owner of the shop as a thank you for his support. So I have 7 left of this limited print, I’ll be putting it up on my store here shortly, and It will be with me at the Charity event for Sac Anime this weekend. I made this limited because I want it to be special, and I need it to go to people who know what its like, or need to know what its like to get back up.