So, the thing with Evil Moose fell apart. Too bad I liked those guys. I am releasing my pages here, and looking into my own release of physical hold it in my hand goodness.

In the mean time I am working with the venerable Don Smith on A great Vampire of the lost road. I will be giving out details soon. I am also 50% through this amazing Prologue for a Ghost story called Inheritance. This was the amazing experience that won my the brilliant AOF award. James Schumacher stunned me by entering in my art, and in all honesty I could have been struck dead of surprise when I won. My competition was fierce.

I have been quiet lately as I am trying to hustle that story among all the challenges of the dreary day job. One day and one moment at a time. However I am telling you all my excitement level for the pogress going on is great. Stupendous! I only wish I had no need to sleep, then I could spend time with my fantastic children, work on the books and earn the day job mullah to feed them.

Without further ado action junkies…..