This afternoon I was sitting nervously at my Dr’s office. A few weeks ago I had a biopsy done on a 2cm growth in my nasal passage and a tube put into my ear to help deal with being sick so often. The procedure went fine, but spending nearly a month without results has been daunting.

For those of you who have families, let me rephrase that….

For those of you with loved ones, take care of yourselves. I am not a guy who weighs 400lbs or drinks like a fish or smokes but I am scared. I am scared of Camille and James needing me and not being there. I am scared to feel the cold burn of my wife’s tears if I fall. I love breathing. Most of us are too dumb or selfish to listen to this. My parents sure were. My kids need to know them and I will forever be dissapointed they aren’t here. If you can’t hear me now may you do so before death comes at your heels.

The doctor says it was not cancer, just massive growth of lymphatic tissue. F@#! you cancer, I’m not going anywhere any time soon