Fifteen minutes ago I submitted the files for the first Damage Inc. Print run.

I am proud of my work this last year. I am proud of Inheritance. I am proud of Vampire of the lost highway. Every line and shadow I put into them are made of the decades or practice and dreaming.

Damage Inc though…. I have been working on Damage since I was 4 years old. It has been many things, other names other heroes, but it was always this. It was always what I see heroes as. It was always humans making hard choices, having friends, fighting villains, doing right…

This has been an exciting year, I have started some more work on Vampire, and Inheritance is garnering attention quickly. It feels like a momentum is building on top of the sacrifices and challenges. Its like climbing a hill for 30 long years, and finally seeing the top in the distance. We lie to ourselves all the time. We tell ourselves everyone else has an escalator, helicopter or a jetpack. Its not true. Everyone has their own hills to climb, just because we may see them as slightly farther then us doesn’t mean they are. Most people are bleeding and broken just like us.

March 1st I am going to be at the Artist Alley at Sac con for the first time. I am excited. Making arrangementsĀ for more cons is a challenge, I will update as more opportunities come.

For now… in about 4 days DAMAGE Inc… We get to be heroes.


Angry and Determined.